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“80% of these discomforts can be treated and removed with simple treatment.”

Osteoarthritis means a decrease in cartilage, a non-vascularized tissue at the end of the bones where there is articulation.

Normally, people say that is a pathology "degenerative" and "there is nothing to do."

Cartilage loss generally affects women due to hormonal changes at menopause.

It is a natural process of the human body

caused by the passage of time. Even so, this doesn't mean there is no treatment, and it's not common to suffer so much pain and discomfort.

Also, it is not healthy to have continuous use of analgesics and/or anti-inflammatories that only produce a temporary numbness of pain, causing it to recur when abandoning the drug and generating new complications due to potential side effects.

Our experience with this pathology has shown us that most of the discomforts are not related to osteoarthritis itself but are simple contractures, tendinitis, sciatica, and so on, which confuse the patient who has received a previous diagnosis of osteoarthritis. In other words, the usual problems seen in people with or without osteoarthritis. 80% of these discomforts can be treated and removed with simple treatment.

artrosis tratamiento acupuntura

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