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It is a disorder in which you grind, crunch, or clench your teeth. We treat bruxism as a symptom that generates others, its origin is the patient's mood which leads to anxiety and stress. The patient doesn't clench his teeth if he doesn't have anxiety or stress because it is not natural in the human body.
As a consequence of the constant stress on the teeth, any dental treatment will be damaged, the teeth will wear down, and orthodontics will take longer than usual, in addition to suffering frequent headaches and neck pain related to muscle tension.
Conventionally, bruxism gets treated by putting a splint on the patient to wear at night to prevent dental wear.
But, the patient not only gritting his teeth at night but also in the daytime. By becoming aware of the body, we will be able to notice that it is also tense during the day, and so the problem will continue to generate discomfort and other symptoms.


Our purpose will be to eliminate the symptoms caused by bruxism (pain, discomfort, radiation to other areas of the body) so that the patient feels immediate relief but always focuses on treating the origin, which is the state of mind.
In this way, the problem will not repeat itself, and we will ensure that it is not a chronic condition. We will use a combination of techniques: therapeutic and sports chiro massage, osteopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine.


Easy access and parking area.

The query is 250 m. from the Fuente de los Colores, 400 m. from the Ciudad de la Justicia metro station, L1.

Buses: 8 - 11 - 14 - 22 - 31.

Málaga, Spain.



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Hours: Mon to Sun | 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

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